Quick tips to make sure your windows stay cleaner for longer:


Always run your rangehood.

Making sure you always run your rangehood when cooking keeps oils and films from building up on your kitchen windows.


Don’t burn candles near your windows.

Burning candles (especially scented ones) near windows causes a film to build up on your glass.
Keep your wicks short and avoid candles with wire in the wicks as they send off more ash and smoke.


Avoid smoking inside.

Not only is it better for your health, but it keeps a film from developing on your glass.


Clean your screens at the same time as your glass.

The ever changing and beautiful Qld weather can cause dust, dirt, lawn clippings, and pollen to build up in your screens – especially during the Spring and Summer months. 
When it rains or the screens get wet, this build up can transfer to the glass. So ensuring you have your screens cleaned with your windows makes sure you get sparkling glass for longer between cleans!


Squeegees trump paper

It’s a common misconception that cleaning windows with paper gets less transfer and a cleaner result. But using a high quality cloth with a good quality cleaning solution, or even better yet, a squeegee, will get you a much more consistent and clearer finish, that will last longer as well.
Once you master a squeegee you’ll never go back to spray and paper!


Cold water is best

When using water and cleaning solution outdoors, the sun can cause the water to evaporate too quickly. This can result in streaks and an uneven clean. Using a cold clean water is best when it comes to a long lasting streak free finish!